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Don Duncan

I am a car guy. But I am also frugal. I want my car to look good and get good mileage. In 1967 I bought a sharp looking 2 seat, 46 mpg Fiat which I drove for 10 years. In 1988 I bought an ugly, 46 mpg Diahatsu which I drove for 8 years. When the hybrids came out I did the math. The money saved on gas was offset by higher cost(payback:10 years). Conclusion: The car industry was NOT progressing. We needed innovation. The hypercar concept was just that. Why has no major car company wised up? I am boycotting the fat cats and going with a start up called: Aptera.

Ian Ringrose

A small diesel (they are becoming common in the UK) can beat a Toyota Prius on MPG depending on the type of driving you do.

Anyway why are you being so unenvironmental and replace a car after only need years?

Ragnar Kuehnert

Ten years ago, VW sent its Lupo 3L TDI around the world for 80 days and 24,000 miles averaging 99 mpg at an average speed of 53 mph. Look it up at www.lupo80days.com. The car was mass produced from 1999 to 2005. The price started at 15,000 Euro. It didn't sell too well in Germany. Only 27,000 were made. the price was too high and the top speed of about 103 mph too slow for the Autobahn. Bring it to the U.S. and it would sell quite well. I'd buy one in a second. More at www.VWVortex.com.

Ragnar Kuehnert

As a follow up to my earlier comments, low fuel consumption equals low carbon emmissions:
VW Lupo 3L TDI 81g/km
Smart Fortwo cdi 88g/km
Toyota Prius Hybrid 108g/km
Chevrolet Corvette 314g/km
(Sources: Die Zeit and the Society of Motor Mfgs and Traders LTD)

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