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Because it keeps the environment a secondary concern. Use dollars-CO2 per mile.

Oliver Kuttner

There are two main energy source categories on our planet. Energy which is renewable like solar wind etc and stored energy from millenniums of deposits or geological/chemical accidents. The trouble is that few realize just how dependent the renewable energy sources are often on the stored and depleting energy sources for their production and for their implementation. For this reason there is "Another Inconvenient Truth" that will only rear its ugly head in decades or a century to come. This truth is that the stored energy is very convenient and very essential for some applications. You are correct in measuring all energy content in your MPGe as only this way can we begin to look at real efficiency in systems. Both for environmental reasons and because we are depleting stored (cheap) resources we must become able to do better math when counting our energy needs. In the end global warming will have a sibling called "the becoming scarce and expensive of hydrocarbons and mined energy sources". When that day comes we will all look like the wasteful generation. Energy content awareness is the first and essential step toward recognizing the approaching and inevitable truth. $ Cost should be irrelevant. I hope I am wrong and there will be a magic bullet like fission but my feeling is that the mined energy on which so much depends is an one time free ride in history without which things will get really hard sometime in the future. We owe it to those future generations that we do not waste this material in addition to guarding the environment. If I am wrong so be it. If I am right then we have no right to gamble such high stakes for not yet born people.

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