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Greg Locock

Running a successful forum requires some effort from the admins. Specifically they need to ensure that spammers and other vandals are suppressed. This requires daily attention.

As an interested observer, I'd like to see any discussion of a team's ideas, but I rather doubt that at this stage in the comp that they are much open to alternatives, by now their ideas should be almost finalised and being fine tuned.

Bethann Buddenbaum


I agree completely about the need for oversight and will admit freely that we were unable to give the last forum the daily oversight that it required. Our team has grown substantially, which makes staying involved easier. Plus, this new forum has something the old one didn't -- the ability to pre-approve every post. This serves two purposes: 1) obviously, it cuts down on spam, and 2) as every post is pushed to us for approval, we can ensure that it is noted if it requires a comment.

Believe it or not, there are a number of teams who are still hashing through or refining their ideas. Red Light Racing actually has a place on their website that asks for suggestions to issues they are experiencing. I don't know that any team would have been willing to deviate any from their own idea, even two years ago. They are in the competition because they believe their idea can win. That said, I think you will find many will be open to exploring how to make their idea even better.

Russ Atkinson

Most of us followers probably have a favorite team. Mine is Aptera. I would like to see comments from the team or from those close fans and followers as to what the particular challenges will be for my team, who their competition is, and how they are trying to address those challenges. I'm sure some secrecy is necessary for tactical reasons, but a discussion of strong and weak points of each of the teams will build anticipation and speculation as with a good athletic competition. Of course we're all winners if the best green vehicles are discovered, improved, and given deserved publicity, but let's have fun the way fans everywhere do in approaching a big match-up.

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