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Ernie Slaughter

If an individual has an idea that needs testing, to whom should they turn for a feasibility study?

Dr. Al Alberts

Our AXP Team is currently trying to raise the capital to actually build my unique solar maximized EV, The Stinger, but my suggestion to the AXP organization is to target more celebrity exposure to our mission. Jay Leno was a great start, but perhaps ads in the Hollywood Reporter, memos to the three main talent agencies, guest spots on Jay's show, etc...and other "Green Friendly" celebrities might become interested in making a difference for funding our unique projects. The more teams find funding, the more the contest becomes relevent in terms of design merit/car performance- not just fundraising acumen.
I'd be happy to help with any such endeavor that benefits us all. Feel free to contact me.

Brian Quick

It is now the end of April, 2008. Is it too late to sign a team up for the competition?

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