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Lynn Donaldson

Lynn Donaldson; A.S.E. master auto tech.Calif. unlimited smog lic. professional M/C & auto tech. since 1974.Your contest,while noble in concept will only attract ideas from companies that can afford to meet all the requirments.Those of us without the means to compete will never have our ideas see the light of day.If any one reading this would like to look at my constant velocity internal combustion engine (six cyl.with four moving parts)and help assemble a team capable of building a car that meets all the requirements with marketing plans etc.within the time frame of the contest,please call me at (530)265-9368

John Acheson, MBA

Thank you for your first hand report, "it was pretty cool to see people clustering around the Volt, with their backs to the Camaro, Corvette and Hummer immediately surrounding it..." Detroit was built by Henry Ford who's epipheny occured when he saw a farmer putting across his field in a steam tractor.

He had good intentions years before he built his 1st car, to help farmers increase productivity.

It's refreshing to see that there are some fold in Detroit that are interested in helping our worldwide fleet problems by considering an alternative just as Ford looked at electrics and engines over the steamers...

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