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William Pomerantz

Hi Auto Team,

Greetings from the Space team!

Just wondering what your thoughts were on the proposed "Hydrogen 500" race? See: http://www.hydrogenforecast.com/ArticleDetails.php?articleID=347


John Shore

We welcome it, and similar efforts. Racing stimulates innovation and it engages the public, so a racing series focused on an alternative fuel is a good thing. Moreover,
racing is as much about maximizing fuel economy as it is about maximizing speed.

vairam svs

I am just wondering if the alternative energies are well thought of strategy. It seems to me that as we (world) are fighting to reduce dependency on fossil fuel & its pollution we are trying to get into bigger problems by using electric power, hydrogen power, nuclear power. Do all or any of these together have the capability to have zero or less pollution (not just emissions) as well meet energy requirement of the automobiles running & will run.
Does this competition provide such conditions or limitations on the inventors?
Or what are those criteria on the same?
If people have idea but not money is there a forum to reach to look for the same.

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