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Manu Sharma

There really is no debate whether global warming is real. I'm surprised you haven't seen "The Inconvineant Truth" yet because the movie makes it clear that all debate has existed solely in the media whereas the scientific journals have always been united on this. The world's scientists agree that this is real, it's manmade and that we have very little time before we cross the point of no return.

The programs you see on FOX NEWS questioning this are deleberately created by the "powers that be" to misinform the public. One of the biggest sponsors of media cmpanies are automobile companies so it's not surprising that we often see such stories.

D. F. Linton

Sorry, but the $100k is an immediate deduction (rather than a scheduled depreciation) not a credit. Its value to a taxpayer depends on the tax rate. All vehicles purchased for business are deductable over some time period so the incentive is the just the higher time value of the immediate deductions compared to the normal multi-year schedule. I haven't done the math but I doubt that the difference in value is more than the $3,400.

Ed Danzer

It appears that you have not fully looked at the vehicle tax credit you are complaining about. It is not easy to qualify for this credit, that was designed for small businesses. As with any legislation, people abuse the intent. Maybe you should contact the IRS and find out what percentage of vehicles purchased use this credit and state facts. Making comments like this could be like saying rich people don’t pay taxes, which is not correct. I would like to think AXP would be very concerned about being factually correct.

The same abuse of legislative resources could be said for research on fuel cells and hydrogen vehicles. There have been large sums of money spent, with no viable results available in the near term if ever.
The 20th Century Truck program seems to show poor return on investment also.

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