Goal of the Automotive X PRIZE Blog

The goal of the Automotive X PRIZE Blog is to use fair, honest and expert communication to voice the realities of the global automotive industry, to challenge current market assumptions, to celebrate those willing to take risks in search of meaningful change, and to encourage public conversation about, debate of and support for radical and sustainable breakthroughs that fulfill our mission.

Our Point of View

To our readers: Our opinions are our own – i.e., here's the obligatory (but truthful) disclaimer: "the opinions expressed herein do not represent or reflect official positions of the Automotive X PRIZE (AXP) or the X PRIZE Foundation." But it goes beyond that – you might be tempted to infer AXP positions or attitudes just from the subjects we bring up, the questions we ask, and the controversies we discuss. Please don't. Part of our job is to explore widely, and we do so all the time. Our internal discussions are often free-wheeling, passionate explorations of all sorts of radical positions, and we hope to surface and open up some of those discussions here. The result, we hope, is that our competition structure and rules will be more accurate and unbiased.

About the Automotive X Prize

The Automotive X PRIZE is the latest effort from the X PRIZE Foundation. Our mission is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Our strategy for fostering innovation is unique. Rather than awarding money to honor past achievements or directly funding research, the X PRIZE Foundation creates high profile competitions that attract and motivate creative solutions to the grand challenges of our time.

The efficiency of an X PRIZE attracts both traditional entrepreneurs and maverick thinkers to compete outside the limitations of government and corporate bureaucracy.

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