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Ollie Ernst

How about hybrid (Aluminum-ceramic) microturbine elektro vehicle, probably need sponsorship from Capstone build a new Chrysler camper utility minivan.


A friend of mine has one of 5 such cars in the UK brought in as a trial. They are not in fact any better than diesel powered SuVs and actually put out more CO2 than the equivalent VW Touran TDI. How about you US folk change your fuel from gasoline to low sulphur diesel or Bio Diesel. Today just 1% of your cars run on diesel. If that changed to 30% you would not need any oil from Saudi Arabia!

richie swenson

The irrefutable facts are, overpopulation is the root cause of sprawl, congestion, and pressure on natural resources (not to mention the non-human inhabitants of this world).

"Moms" are the primary ones that need to acknowledge this and act accordingly.


It really eats at me that "hybrid SUV" is even a legitimate term. An SUV is all about thumbing your nose at efficiency; with big tires, cartoonish air-dam[n]ing hoods; and with a terrible interior room to external size ratio.

It is HIGH time for hybrid minivans.

mobil bekas

Next generation is hybrid generation. I hope manufacturers will perform serious research to produce high quality hybrid car at reasonable price, especially for developing country

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