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Manu Sharma

Another good post, Glenn. I drive one of these small cars, a Maruti 800 - one of the largest selling small cars in the world. While it doesn't stand anywhere in styling department... its 796cc, 37bhp engine gives over 47 MPG and seats 4-people comfortably.


Not to nitpick, but you said...

"for example the Ligier...and the 55-HP Fiat Panda. These little beasts get excellent fuel economy (often well over 50 mpg)..."

I think that's some exaggeration there. I can't expect Ligier to give that kind of economy but I doubt if even Fiat Panda (or Fiat Seicento to be precise, that has a 54 bhp engine) can give 50 MPG.

Can you cite a 4-seater gasoline based small car that gives well over 50 MPG?

Glenn Mercer

Mr.Sharma is absolutely right: few normal small sedans get "well over" 50 mpg. The Fiat Panda comes in at 51 mpg (combined city and highway), which is only "just over" 50.

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